Brisbane Surf Club (BSC)  is an organization established in March 2015 , over 800 members are currently registered. Our main activities are monthly meeting in the city and surf trip around Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as well as camping and BBQ occasionally.

BSC was founded to provide Brisbane based surfers with a means to meetup with other Brisbane surfers, with an emphasis on group social activities and fun. The BSC welcomes surfers of all skill levels, gender, occupation and anyone who is just interested in surfing and the healthy beach lifestyle





29th APRIL

The team building



The comp is held as a team based competition. One team is composed of 4 members against other teams. Each division has same or similar level of surfers competing with other team members. Each division will be 30 to 35 minutes, depending on the swell conditions. The team obtaining the highest combined points will be the overall winner and get the prizes.





Our sponsors are contributing their goods and services for this event and the winner will be receiving the prize as well as being introduced in our website.

All participants (competitors) will be given a free programming course provided by Zenba. *The promotional code will be announced in the actual event. This deal will be ended on 28th of March.

The winner will be given $100 worth travel voucher and other goods from Surf The Earth and more from Gold Coast Surf Co.


This is social event and just for getting have a fun with other surfers.

Let's have a BBQ after the comp and enjoy a moment with other team members. 

7:00      Member Gathering
7:30      Event Commencement * Announce the rules, prizes,cautions, and etc.
8:00      Comp Start
9:00      Comp
10:00    Comp
11:00    Comp Finish
12:00    BBQ - The comp result announcement


During the event, we will take several photos with Drone, Gopro, and camera to share with you after the event. Below is a drone photo sample filmed in Cabarita, NSW by our member Christophe. 



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